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Roof Replacement - Buildings A-K

The Meadows at Walnut Bank Farm Board of Directors has contracted with Nemath Building Services to replace the roofs on Buildings A-K (Horseshoe Drive, Wagon Wheel Road and Wrangler Court) in the community. Enclosed is a letter from Nemath detailing what you can expect during the project. The project is scheduled to begin June 14, 2021 take approximately 10-12 weeks, however TIMING IS DEPENDENT ON THE WEATHER.

Parents please ensure that your children keep their distance from dumpsters, building materials and all active work zones etc. These are not play areas.

We look forward to the project beginning and appreciate your patience with this process.


Meadows at Walnut Bank Farm Condominium Association
Roof Replacement Project

This letter is to notify you that on or about June 14th our company, will be replacing the roofs on Buildings A-K between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Please note that some machinery that will be used that can will be loud and cause vibrations. You may want to make other arrangements if you have sound sensitive pets. Also, you may want to remove any valuables from the walls until the work has been completed. We ask that you remove any personal items from your decks and patios and remove all screens from windows and doors.

Due to the nature of the roofing replacement and possible plywood nail pops may occur on ceiling areas. Any light fixtures that are loose need to be tightened or removed as we will not be responsible for fallen globes, etc.

Dumpsters will be placed on the job site to remove the job-related debris; therefore, there may be some parking restrictions as a result. We ask that you have all cars removed from the in front of your building by 7:00 AM on the days work is being performed.

Please avoid any debris that may be located on the premises as you come and go from your homes. We will clean up any debris before leaving the jobsite each day.

If there is inclement weather, work will be postponed for that day, and will resume the following day as long as the weather allows.

Thank you for your understanding during this process, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 215-361-9066 or

The Nemath Building Services Team