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  • Dog Waste and Leashing of Dogs

    Please ensure if you own a dog that you are picking up after them and that they are on leash when outside. Dog waste stations are now in a few areas of the community to help with making it easier for some to clean up after their dog. Please only dispose of the bagged dog waste in these bins, they are not trash cans.

  • Handicap Spots

    If you are someone who needs a handicap spot or has special parking needs, please feel free to contact the property manager Leslie Payne 215-343-1550, and she will assist you.

  • AC Checked

    We want to remind you that it is a good idea to have your air conditioning units checked and serviced at least once a year. One of the areas that ha
    s recently caused problems in a unit was the condensation line. If this line is not cleaned or becomes clogged over time water can begin to leak ca
    using damage to yours or others property.

  • Grills Storage

    The Storage of Grills is allowed on the decks, porches and
    patios. The rules and regulations are now posted in the
    downloads section of the site along with the Richland
    Township Fire Ordinance.